RS Cooking of Guide

With Lunar magic, it is become increasingly useful to make pies. Check the KB for types of pies and their various stat increases, as well as excellent healing properties. DIYers are always looking for new ways to use one skill to compliment another, and with the addition of many of these pies Cooking has become like a new Herblore. Keep in mind that this is not the fastest way to level(runescape gold), but can definitely be worth the time.


The Port Khazard General Store is a good way to collect lots of flour at once. A POH kitchen can also be a great way to train Cooking. It has all the supplies you need for bread, pitta bread, pie shells, pizza bases, and baking cakes. With a house at Yanille (50 con), you can take buckets of milk and potatoes, bake the potatoes, leave the house and run a bit to the east to the diary churn, make the milk into butter (the buckets will drop on the ground), use the butter on the potatoes, bank and repeat. This is an excellent method for making butter potatoes needed for the almighty tuna potatoes.

If you decide to cook anything more complicated than a fish, do as much of RFD as you can. The Culinaromancers’ chest is conveniently located on top of a bank, next to a water source, and just underneath the best range in the game(runescape gold). For those of you who have not finished RFD, here is what the fully unlocked chest gives you:

Stock: Items- 50: Spice, Cake tin, Chocolate bar, Bucket of milk, Bowl, Cheese, Egg, Tomato, Pie dish, Bucket, Empty cup, Pot of Cream, Cooking apple, Jug, Pot. 10: Pot of Flour, Pat of butter, Grapes. 1: Pizza base. Do not forget the RFD gloves and other interesting weapons. Note that this chest is an excellent source of Farming (apples, tomatoes, buckets), Ectofunctus (buckets, pots), and Herblore (Chocolate) supplies as well as Pizza, Pie, Cake, and Potato ingredients. If you are buying this chest out, try to buy out everything that will net a profit before hopping!