Vorago does his regular melee attack, red bomb and magic bomb to the farthest player.

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Renatus only attacks with range which always deals a small amount of bleed damage (50-250) to everyone in the arena that cannot be avoided. Vorago does his regular melee attack, red bomb and magic bomb to the farthest player.


Phase One

Phase 1 is similar to when fighting Vorago on his own. Renatus will spawn in the north-west corner of the arena, and Vorago will spawn in the south-east. Adventurers must lure the two beasts so they have their backs to the jumper’s spot. Vorago must be lured north-west where a jumper must jump on him to release a maul piece. Similarly, Renatus must be lured south-east where his back must be facing the jumper and the jumper must deal 30,000 damage on their own while Renatus’s back is facing them. If Renatus moves, the jumper must deal another 30,000 damage in order to cool down Renatus’s back so it is safe enough to jump and release a maul piece.


Phase Two

Phase two is similar to the second phase when fighting Vorago on his own. Both Renatus and Vorago spawn in their corners. Vorago uses his regular 5 smashes, but Renatus does a devistating lava stomp where the targeted player gets hit with 500-1000 bleed damage and everyone around them receives 300 bleed damage. All players affected by the lava stomp are bound for 5 seconds that is unavoidable. Renatus does this to his targeted player 5 times.


The above combat is repeated again (from the stomp/smashes) and the phase ends with Renatus and Vorago again charging in order to break the ground to the next phase. Phase 3 starts and the real test begins!


Where you stop walking while drinking a potion in runescape

Jagex recently updated a potion bug where you stop walking while drinking a potion. After this potion bug fix, you can experience rs with more fluent potion applying. So buy buy runescape gold to experience updated potion applying in RuneScape 2007.
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For Jagex, the updated potion applying could make player-owned house armour stands will no longer overcharge you for repairing Barrows kit. For rsmoney, cheap runescape 2007 gold could offer players the cheapest rs gold. Enchanted dragonstone bolts will now check correctly for anti-fire potions, prayers and dragonfire shields. The dragonbreath ability is supposed to be blocked if the target player has consumed an anti-fire potion, or has an appropriate shield equipped, or is using Protect from Magic. Previously, the ability was being blocked if the attacker had drunk the potion or activated the prayer. The target player’s potions and prayers were not being checked at all. This even applied when fighting monsters; if you’d got Protect from Magic enabled, you’d mysteriously find that the dragonbreath ability of your bolts would never work. The potion was also checking for the basic anti-dragon shield, but not the dragonfire shield.
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Jagex also made some balancing changes in Nightmare Zone to favor players who’ve completed a wider variety of quests, not just the Lunar series.The Vengeance spells will now reflect damage more reliably when you are on low health. Previously, the reflected damage was being capped at the number of hitpoints you’d got left at the time.There are also added right-click options to Thessalia, Yrsa, the Makeover Mage and the hairdresser.
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This update can bring you a new world of RuneScape. The next thing you need to do is to find a place where can you buy cheapest cheapest old school runescape gold to support you with your adventure. Experience updated potion applying in RuneScape and have fun!

Become a runescape moderator of success by youself

Recently,some players want become a RuneScape moderator,but they didn’t know the way ,here is my finishing methods, hoping to help you become a moderator of success.

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First of all,being active on the forums: this is very helpful.Jagex briefly mentions being active on the forums is a part of it, but is not required. Give feedback to posts with kindness, respect and maturity.


The second,Send in reports when spotting a player breaking the rules.



1.Play by the rules (This is a must)

2.Know the rules (This is also a must)

3.Report Rule breakage (This is also another must)

3.Post on the forums (This can help get noticed by Jagex, but is not required)

4.Be kind and respectful to all players, Jagex likes to represent their company with maturity.

5.Be helpful to player who need help in game or on the forums

6.Have fun, as Jagex likes to see that their players like to have fun instead of JUST reporting players.

7.Befriending a few player moderators higher your chance because they can recommend you.

8.Be mature, use proper grammar so players can take you seriously.


Last:not do like this:

1.Be a Player Mod or Forum Mod wannabe such as criticizing other players in game or on the forums. Jagex are not looking for a ‘police squad’.

2.Sit around and report rule breakers in lumbridge or report auto bots at the yews.

3.Report Falsely or report someone more than once. That is breaking rule 10

4.Go looking for trouble. But let the trouble come to you.

5.Reply to a fellow friend with “Noob” or “what do you want!” but more like, “Hi” or “How can i help you?”

6.Ask Jagex to mod you. you will NOT be modded if this happens.

7.Tell people to “smd” or “stfu”

8.Talk about /b/, as Jagex does not like /b/tards.

9.Troll or Rule Breaking on a different account. Jagex can track your IP Address thus banning your main character.

10Herp and derp, even though everyone in the community herps and derps, which is most likely acceptable.





Fate of the Gods Part 2 of BTS Video 97 Coming next week

Coming next week is the second of our quests for March – Fate of the Gods.


In the last Behind the Scenes video, Mods Osborne and Rowley gave us some insight into the quest. In this part, they’ll be giving you a first look at the mysterious realm of Freneskae.

We’ve also got three “Eat, Sleep, Scape, Repeat” t-shirts to give away. Watch this week’s Behind the Scenes, answer the question and you could bag yourself one of these fine garments. For more details on the competition, visit this thread.

What do you think rs gold from slay an inhabitant

From time to time, after you slay an inhabitant during the video game runescape, you will feel like throwing back on this planet with burying that remains of that creature you’ve just mercilessly killed. For advantages of expertise and Runescape Gold, you from time to time receive a refreshing prayer level and new prayers that will help you while in the beat.

To start with,step one players must do is heading to 1 hundred most frequently traded merchandise listings, as it will offer you just one fundamental idea of what merchandise are drastically in need inside of the wow industry. If gamers find a little something beneficial they have definitely possessed, then they could commence advertising some thing, normally, they may have to farm and loot for them or to trawl many other sellers, or to acquire RS 2007 Gold and items to resell at increased charge.

Second, when gamers make up their thoughts to interact within this flipping way, players must got just one only one rule to keep in mind: “buying lower and marketing high”. But players should come across out a sweetspot, when they provide these items at way too small cost, you will not very easily make any cash, but if gamers provide them at much too significant value, they cannot not market them so quickly or it can simply take them a lot of time, which you can have spent attempting to uncover other products to accumulate and provide. Bear in mind small profits will add up with time in the event you buy and marketplace at a fast pace.

Finally, earning use of the rule desire and supply to their advantage. By way of example, when gamers locate only two obtainable dragon longswords inside the market and they’re drastically in need, they’re able to invest in them after which market them for twice of your selling cost.

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You will get start the divination with finding Oral Fairweather at camp between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, and she will give you a run-down of the skill that tells you how and where to start the training. The training is to visit the colonies of wisps and harvest this energy from them as divination is all about collecting and making use of the energy in the world by Guthix’ death and the return of the gods. After you visited a colony, you would get memories and energy by clicking the wisp. And the memories and energy are very useful and important for they can concert to another thing or increasing something you need. Act now to participant the battle and remember to buy cheap runescape gold in runescapegold2007.com

So that amount 73 character that you have been operating on for months will be absent and all your hard operate along with it. And there isn’t a solitary point you can do about it. Jagex will not hear to your appeals since you broke the policies. The runescape gold sellers will not care because they got their funds and you obtained their gold. If you finish up performing this Jagex will not cease at just banning your level 3 mule, they will as stated just before ban every single character linked with that certain IP address.

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People who tend to function as the wealthiest are higher levels

There is absolutely no point looking for a get-rich quick alternative to earn your gold because none exist, the absolute most you can ever hope for is to earn maybe 50 thousand rs gold through months or even year of tough exertion doing things like reducing yew/magic trees or catching chinchompas utilizing hunter.

Making money on Runescape is not easy, and just like the real world, this on-line world has a range of manners of generating money all with various levels of succeeding. Just like there’s a gradient of salaries in real life, thus is accurate with this virtual 1.On Runescape the individuals who make the least tend to be lower intensities that engage in gathering actions, such as picking flax, farming, wood-cutting or mining.People who tend to function as the wealthiest are higher levels which might be killing creatures because of their drops, or are merchanters.

If you’d like to make a good amount of runescape gold the first matter I counsel you to right away is level up your combat level, and educate your battling ability. Killing the Bandos god monster is like being a business,you wear cool equipment and you make large bundle.

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What kind of way do you choose RS 2007 Gold

There are styles that you get runescape gold and never have to fight or promote things at reduced costs interior, and all these are through particular free Runescape gold sites or in performing particular gold-creating tasks within the game. Let us explore first the cheap runescape gold sites and tricks that may be a little simple or hard to complete, depending upon your own level of inventiveness.

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