FIFA 15 Advanced Dribbling Tips

If you’ve been looking for a complete guide to dribbling on EA Sports FIFA 15, then this is the page that will teach you all the knowledge about when to take on players, and how to successfully pull it off. If you follow every single one of these steps in our strategy, then you’ll become a master in no-time.

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Step 1: Select Dribblers To Dribble
This might be an obvious point to most of you, but the fact of the matter is that in this years installment you have to only dribble with players that have got the ability to do so. Too many gamers are choosing to dribble with players that do not posses great ball control or balance, not to mention dribbling stats. So try to aim for players that have a specialty in Career Mode, or for FUT aim for ones that have dribbling stats of 80+ and you should be fine.

Step 2: Build Up A Little Momentum
This is a huge factor is the way your players will control the ball, as well as your finishing. You cannot go back to the days of just doing route one and be in on goal one-on-one with the keeper, 14 just doesn’t work like that. We’re not saying that you’ve got to pass it 20 times or anything, but passing it around for 15 – 20 seconds really helps and increases your chances of not only dribbling successfully, but scoring too so it’s a no brainer.

Step 3: Use The Double Knock-on Sprint Move
Now there’s not many FIFA 15 gamers out there that use this epic technique, and that is an absolute shambles considering how effective it is at gaining vital space on the wings. In order to perform the double sprint move, all you’ve got to do is double tap the right analogue stick in the direction you’re facing and your player will knock the ball forward about 10 yards in front of him. This is to be used by pacey wingers that are having trouble with losing their markers, if the defenders have strength and are too strong, this is a great way to lose them fast!

Step 4: Try The Stop And Start Dribbling Technique
Basically this one will be new to most as there’s also not a lot of gamers out there using this technique. It involves running at a sideways direction and then slowing down, but to the point when your just slowing the acceleration down near to stopping still, but not actually stopping the ball still. At this point, the opposition will think that you’re going to do a turn move and knock the ball to the side, when actual fact you just simply knock the ball forward in the exact same direction you were going in the first place.

This is called doing the unexpected and keeping the opposing player guessing your own game. It’s more effective than you think yet it’s such a simple one that anybody could put to good use, so use it from time to time and is should pay off.

Step 5: Use The Protect The Ball Feature
Just like most of these steps, this is another feature that EA introduced this year and hardly anybody chooses to implement into their game-plan. This will slow you down no doubt, but it is really good at keeping possession of the ball and going round the player slowly and then pushing you into a great position to take on other defender. You can perform the protect the ball feature by pressing LT (Xbox) or L2 on the (PlayStation).

This is another great way to confuse your opponent and keep them guessing into what type of gamer you are, they really won’t have a clue how to work you out if you use all of these tips.

Step 6: Perform The Foot Feint Burst Whenever Possible
This is one of our favourite ways to beat players running towards you with pace. To perform it, simply stand still and hold in LB (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation) and your player will stop the ball still. What’s good about it though, is whilst you’re holding the button in you can turn your player in any direction you want and then release LB/L1 and press the sprint button and your player will knock the ball on and leave the opposition tackler for dead.

You can do some feints whilst your player is still in motion as well, moving the left-stick right, left and backwards to keep the opponent guessing which way you’re going to do them.

Step 7: Close Control Dribbling With The Face-up Dribble Move
To do the face-up dribble, simply hold down both triggers on either console simultaneously and you’ll see that you player starts to perform a close ball control dribble move. This is a decent tactic to use if you’ve got loads of players running at you with speed, as you can hit the left-stick in different directions and completely go round your player without dibbling past him, but instead moving out the way of the on-rushing traffic.Try it out and see if it works well for you.

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