The Different Aspects of Shooting in FIFA 15

The Different Aspects of Shooting in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 shooting seems only slightly different from past versions of FIFA. In FIFA 15, shots are definitely more powerful on average, but the keeper seems far more likely to save them. The general rule seems to be that you need to position your player well. He cannot be off-balance or sprinting, or you will see definite declines in accuracy. Of course, you can still score while sprinting or being pushed around by a defender, but it is important to avoid this as best you can. Below you can read about some of the different aspects of shooting in FIFA 15.

Regular Shot
The regular, laces shot is best for long range shooting, but it is also quite effective from closer ranges as well. You perform the regular shot with your console’s default shooting button alone. An important tip is that you should pay attention to your set-up touch before shooting. By this I mean that you can’t expect to rip one with a small touch, you need to set yourself up with a touch in front of your player so he can get some power into it. Regular shots can also be volleys and headers, so the controls are no different.

Something that has always been true in the FIFA brand is that headers are extremely effective. This is of course still true in FIFA 15. With decent crossing, you could end up scoring the majority of your goals directly from headers, so it is worth it to figure out how to best position yourself for the header. When the ball is in the air, jockey for position with the shoot button. The key is to get yourself in a better position that will allow your player to jump directly upward for the header and reach the ball at the apex of your jump. This sounds like it could be difficult, but fortunately FIFA 15 automatically does this kind of positioning for you. Also, when you are crossing, it makes a world of difference to aim for the taller players.

Finesse Shot
Finesse shots are sidefooted strikes which are particularly useful when shooting from in and around the penalty box. Finesse shots are generally more accurate than regular shots, but will be much less powerful. Expect a lot of curve to occur, as in FIFA 15, Finesse Shots tend to really curve. This can be useful for picking out corners when you get the hang of things. To execute a finesse shot on Xbox, hold down RB while shooting, and R1 while shooting on Playstation.

Fancy Shots
An interesting feature in FIFA 15 is the ability to control the occurrence of acrobatic shots such as bicycle kicks or diving headers. To do so, you obviously need to be set up correctly, including having the ball in the air. For Xbox, hold down LT as you shoot, and L2 for Playstation. For lower shots, such as double-tap or triple-tap low crosses, you can do the same thing and pull off some cheeky little flicks and backheels. It’s really quite simple, but it’s more about the timing and set up than anything, but you can pull off some really spectacular goals if you do this well.

Chip Shots
Chip shots are useful shots which are used to cheekily loop the ball over the goalkeeper and into the goal. A chip shot has a high arc and is not very powerful, but is useful for when the goalkeeper is not on his line and a bit farther away from the goal than he should be. This scenario occurs a lot when a player is on a breakaway and the opponent rushes his goalkeeper out too early, giving you enough time to chip it over him before he gets too close to cut off your angle. Sometimes in FIFA 15, goalkeepers are off their line for no good reason, so you should look for this and give it a try if he is. Ultimately though, your best chance at pulling this off will be on a 1v1 breakaway with the keeper. On Xbox, chip shots are executed by holding down LB as you are pressing the shoot button, and likewise for Playstation although you want to hold down the L1 button instead.

Manual Shooting
By default, FIFA 15 is set to assisted shooting. This means that whenever you take a shot, the computer ultimately directs the shot and determines its power for you in relation to where you a€?sortaa€? directed the shot and how long you held the stick for. Once you set your shooting settings to manual, you will realize just how much the computer helps you get your shots on target. When you first set manual settings, don’t be discouraged by how your shots go everywhere but into the net. You will improve over time and in the end it will be worth it as your shots will be determined 100% by your command. This means that once you get good, you can hit the far corners out of the keepers reach much more frequently than if you’d spent the same amount of time practicing shooting with assisted settings.

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