The Morrowind Adventurer’s Guide In Elder Scrolls Online

The mysterious island of Vvardenfell awaits you, adventurer! For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can explore the dangerous and beautiful home of the Dark Elves. Prepare your adventure by consulting our adventurer’s guide!

The island of Vvardenfell is great, and there we have countless points of interest for you to investigate and explore. As you travel, do not forget that you do not have to walk or even ride alone – many regions have the famous tall silt striders that you can take from one camp to another, and always watch out for the Wayshrine!

To help with your journey, here’s some cool information about iconic and mysterious places on the island.

  1. Seyda Neen
  2. Vivec City
  3. Balmora
  4. Zainsipilu
  5. Ald’ruhn
  6. Ald Carac
  7. Sadrith Mora
  8. Tel Fyr / Halls of Fabrication


The seaport city of Seyda Neen is the arrival point of many brave new adventurers in Vvardenfell. Do not let imperial-style buildings intimidate you, the city is under the control of House Hlaalu, so if you want to trade with the Dark Elves of Morrowind, you’d better prepare to pay some taxes. From this location, the whole island is open to you. You can continue to Vivec City and Suran, or north to Balmora, Ald’ruhn and Gnisis. The adventure awaits you! Just be sure to pay the fees first.


With the name of the demi-god residing there, the capital of Vvardenfell, Vivec City, may still be under construction, but its multi-leveled floating cantons clearly display the power and prestige of the living God. There are plenty of places to visit in the city of Vivec, including the Vivec’s Palace, the Hall of Justice, the Library of Vivec and, most notably, the meteor Baar Dau that floats precariously in the sky – remember to look up! Vivec City features a full set of crafting stations, shops and quest givers daily. When you arrive, do not forget to visit Vivec himself, maybe he needs a willing adventurer like you, and who could deny a god?


Crossed by the Odai River, the Redoran town of Balmora lies northwest of Vivec City. There, you can visit the local Fighters and Mages Guilds, put your feet up at the Randy Netch Inn, or pay your respects at the local Tribunal Temple. As you walk through the great bridges and high walls of the city, keep an eye on the elusive Dark Elf Naryu, as it is said, she is always sneaking around the area, and be careful when dealing with the Morag Tong. But if you’re looking for a challenge, venture north with some allies to try to tackle Nilthog the Unbroken, a very dangerous nix-ox.


Interested in helping a poor Khajiit, suffering in need? Why not travel to Zainsipilu and help sweet and innocent Halinjirr recover his notes and poison his completely harmless crops? As you get into the tunnels, try to avoid nix-hounds and fetcherflies, as they can be quite uncomfortable. Trust us, when you get to the right cave, just the sight will be worth your efforts. There are only six delves like this scattered all over Morrowind. Be sure to check them all in your travels!


Towards the north of Balmora, you will find the Ald’ruhn Ashlander camp nestled against the Red Mountain and surrounded by streams of hot lava. When you arrive at the camp, be sure to visit Skar, the massive shell of a long-dead emperor crab. But remember, it is vitally important that you make every effort to follow the Ashlander traditions and pay their respects. These nomadic peoples consider strangers like you with deep suspicion. If you earn their trust, they can always have a little service for you. If you are feeling adventurous, why not visit the Daedric shrine Ramimilk located a short walk south? You can find a familiar face!


When you explore the rocky slopes of Red Mountain, why not test your courage against your companions and adventurers on the Battlegrounds? Nestled in a decaying Dwarven Ruin, with tight corners and dangerous traps, Ald Carac will leave you on toes. Not sure where you’re getting into? When you are at level 10, talk to Battlemaster Rivyn to find out how the Battlegrounds work and get the daily quests (you do not enter the Battlefield here). And do not forget to buy new gear with Farthalem, the seller of Battlegrounds nearby!


On the eastern shore of Vvardenfell you can find the imposing mushroom towers of Telvanni House. After your long walk around the Red Mountain, set foot in the Gateway Inn or do some magic trinket shopping in Tel Naga. Spend your time investigating this island city, discover how Telvanni sorcerers are highly secretive in their nature. But keep your eyes open with a certain Dark Elf in love as you walk through the towers of Sandrith Mora. You can enjoy a very original presentation for the Telvanni culture.


Ready for an adventure like no other? Gather 11 of your fellow outlanders and help the Telvanni Sorceror Diyath Fyr investigate and close the Halls of Fabrication. As you navigate the dangerous halls and corridors of Sotha Sil’s creation, prepare for a deadly challenge as this Trial will challenge you and your team and test your skills. Enter the Halls of Fabrication, stop the Fabricants and save Morrowind!

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Albion Online Redesigns The Outlands

Today the guys at Sandbox Interactive bring us a new development diary in which they tell us the latest tests they have been doing and the goals they have been trying to achieve with the redesign of the Outlands. A redesign that wants to fill this PvP territory with a greater number of activities while adjusting the risk and difficulty for small groups of players.

Caerleon As The Only Central City

One of the main complaints we have in the Outlands is that cities are not fully fulfilling their role of being the home of guilds without territories or players without being excluded from the Real Continent. For this reason, we have decided to remove all the cities of the Outlands, as well as the ports. Instead, a large portal will be available in Caerleon, the central city of the Royal Continent.

This portal will take you to the different parts of the Outlands, with four exits for each region of the Outlands. The lower regions will have a green exit, the middle region will have a yellow exit and the high region will have a red exit. Using the portal will be free of cost, but will link you to the output you used for a short period of time, as well as the region of Outlands that have spent more time. This limits how guilds can project their strength into the Outlands while allowing Caerleon to function as a center for the Outlands.

With these changes, Caerleon will now be considered as the black zone city, allowing players with foul or dreaded reputation to enter into it.

Increased Rewards And Other Changes

There are two changes that benefit the Outlands.

First of all, the distribution of resources is being adjusted. All parts of the Outlands will have the same amount of resources, but they will have different rate of generation of enchanted resources, with the highest areas having the highest rate. In general, the black areas will have significantly more enchanted material than the Royal Continent. This created a strong incentive for the gatherers to go to the Outlands if they want to be able to get enchanted material level two or level three.

Second, to make GvG more attractive, we are changing the way in which territories with watch towers function. The Surveillance Towers will now be the only sites in the world where you can get the Tier 8 resources. On top of that, resources will appear at the start of the territory timer. This means at that time, or just after the first GvG fight, you can start collecting resources from that place.

If your guild does not have a territory with surveillance towers, you can still get the Tier 8 resources as you can now attack surveillance towers and collect your high-end resources, even if it does not belong to you.

Finally, we are currently testing the “anti-zerg” vision in the Outlands on the main server of Albion Online. This mechanism shows groups of more than ten players on the minimap, and generally should provide more balanced battles and general action. Right now we are analyzing the information we have collected from this test to see if we should keep the skill or not.

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The World Of Mu Legend And Randomized Dungeons

Mu Legend is the much-hyped new MMORPG. The prequel of Webzen’s major title Mu Online which features powerful hack-and-slash combat, various PVP contents, and stunning graphics. Mu Legend features unparalleled gamepplay that not only caters to millions of Mu fans from the past decade, but is also easy for newcomers to pick up and enjoy.

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MU Legend’s world is set in about 1,000 years before the world of MU Online and the dev is trying to recreate the scenario that only appeared briefly in MU Online. Through playing MU Legend, players will able to find out with why Kundun was revived as the Lord of Darkness.

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ESO: Morrowind – Warden Video – “Come Into My Magic Forest”

The Elder Scrolls Online soon starts with the first new addon chapter Morrowind and a highlight will be the new class of the Warden. To the Warden, there is now a new video showing the natural wizards from the point of Morag-Tong Assassins Naryu Virian.

Soon Morrowind, the first chapter addon to The Edler Scrolls Online out (pre-buyers can already ran on 22 May). As an ESO fan you do not know what to look forward to at Morrowind: the strange, beautiful new island of Vvardenfell, the new Raid “Halls of Fabrication”, the PVP battlefields or the Wardens as a new class.

For the Warden is a new video from the series of stories of Naryu Virian, the Morag-Tong-assassin and guardians of Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind – “What can Wardens actually do?”

For her research, Naryu Virian sought a real keeper and showed himself what he could do. With the ice magic of the natural wizard, the moody assassin was not particularly impressed. Rumzauber can be somehow anyway. Also the conjured Netch calf was rather sweet than impressive. But then a wild Guar emerges and the guardian calls Schwuppdiwupp a thick black bear, who scares the beast.

Naryu Virian is more interesting, but she is impressed by the magical forest, the ultimate healing cure of the Warden. This creates a small, romantic grove in which the keeper and Naryu Virian could certainly have many interesting conversations about bears. We have embedded the video here for you. Have fun watching.

Are you looking forward to the Warden? Or are you wary of nature wizards and forestry classes and would you prefer to experience Morrowind with your old hero adventure? Let us know your opinion and write it in the comments!

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ESO Released New Trailer For Assassins And The Great Houses

Bethesda has released another video on The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

The expansion for the MMO will be available on June 6 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and can be pre-ordered as a Standard Edition or Collector’s Edition.

In the new video, which is called “Assassins and the Great Houses”, you will be shown how you “survive the clan-feud intrigues of Vvardenfell”.

“In Morrowind, nothing is as it seems, and this is especially true in the cutthroat world of Dunmer politics. As you explore Vvardenfell in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with and against the three Great Houses currently in control: House Hlaalu, House Redoran, and House Telvanni.”

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Albion Is A World Of Harvesting And Resource Management

Albion Online relies on the sandbox system, it is an IOS game only available online. Gamers can be allowed to produce objects, buildings, founding villages and the commercial system of the universe. The game system also ensures PVP. How to the option of buying cheap albion online gold?

You choose how your adventure evolves, in order to create your perfect character, you need to be shown the many paths your destiny could take you. That’s where the destiny board comes in. The destiny board shows you everything you are and everything you could be. Regarding more latest Albion Online details, you need to visit U4GM to check out more:

Based on sandbox mechanics, in fact, Albion Online conceals a rich and complex game system. Regardless of craft or economy, everything is left in the hands of players. First and foremost, Albion is a world of harvesting and resource management in which the player will spend a lot of time accumulating different materials.

Apparently, Albion Online’s goal is extremely simple, looter, crafter as well as thrive. Speaking of craft, it has an interesting feature, based on the equipment, you can decide the effects and active skills of each of our weapons and armor to create some kind of builds. Hence, the same sword can be forged with a tanking or DPS orientation, the same applies to the armor and its various bonuses of defense, care, attack, speed. Plently of gamers are crazy about buying albion online gold.

Albion Online Plans To Rework Hellgates

Sandbox Interactive will rework the Hellgates (zones designed for PvP battles) in Albion Online. The new goals are to be implemented with the next content update (Hector). A new map layout, three different types of hell gates and various improvements to the underlying game mechanics are provided.

“Sandbox Interactive wants the fights within the hell gates to be more fair, and so far, for example, groups of players have been able to completely avoid the encounter with another group or wait for their opponents at the entrance, as well as to keep monsters in the PvP battles. And thus have an additional burden on their opponents. These weaknesses are due to the mechanics of the game and can not be remedied with small patches, so Sandbox Interactive has therefore decided to rework the basic gates.”

New HellGate Map

“The Hellgate map has been completely redesigned and now has the shape of a pentagram. The corners of the pentagram are connected by a circular path, and each corner represents a potential entrance portal to the Hellgate But it is now impossible to know where the generic group appears, and groups that enter the hell gate are a protective bubble, for a certain period of time they can not get the gate through the entrance The PvE is now reduced, and the players do not have to worry about the fact that the monsters that are attracted will decide the outcome of PvP battles, but there is now a new PvE combat with miniboss opponents, But they are not moving into the PvP Fighting. Nevertheless, the fight against the minibosses is worthwhile as they drop attractive prey. When all minibosses are shot, the entrances to the Hellgate are sealed and the appearance of the main boss is triggered with a time delay.”

Different Hellgates

Ashen Hellgate: These Hellgates are intended for beginners from two players who have no experience with PvP battles. The portals are therefore also located in the green zones of Albion.
Ignited Hellgate: This variation of Hellgates offers an exercise scenario for all players who already have a little experience but are not quite ready for full PvP encounters. They were designed specifically for groups of five players and contain weaker PvE opponents and further relief compared to Infernal Hellgate. The accesses to the blazing Hellgates are to be found in yellow zones.
Infernal Hellgate: The Infernal Hellgates are only accessible through portals in red and black areas and represent the unrestricted version of the Hellgate. There, the players face PvP battles with merciless rules, but can also rob the most valuable rewards.

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