Assassin Has Been Changed In PoE 3.2

The Assassin is an Ascendancy class for Shadows in Path of Exile. Collectors of poe orbs may know, the Assassin is a offense-oriented class centered around critical strikes. The class offers enhanced crits on full or low life enemies and enhancing their power charges.

The buff to the Assassin class may have had the most impactf. There are others that got massive buffs too, but even if theirs were bigger, this one matters more. The Assassin class is an extremely popular one, or at least it was until it was nerfed into the ground a couple patches ago. In this patch they are going above and beyond to not just restore the former glory, but also push way past it.

Path of Exile

They took the Ambush and Assassinate nodes and combined them. Now, you can get both of those nodes for just two points, instead of four. That alone would have been a massive buff, but they went much further. Unstable Infusion used to give a 10% chance to gain a Power Charge on non-critical strike.

This was awkward because Power Charges increase your critical strike chance, so you’d sometimes reach the point of a 100% critical chance and not gain power charges, which would force you to refresh them every once in a while. Now it’s been changed it to also give a 10% chance to gain a Power Charge on critical strikes, and they also buffed the chance to get one on non-critical strikes from 10% to 20%.

They added an entirely new node as well to make up for the combining of Ambush and Assassinate. The new node is Opportunistic, and it gives you every stat you could want: 20% increased movement speed if you’ve killed recently, 100% increased damage if there is only one enemy nearby, and you take no extra damage from critical strikes if there’s only one enemy nearby.

This node is insane, and may actually be the best in the game. There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy currency, you will get more gains.