Path of Exile: Synthesis Bug Fixes

The new problem leagues involve a set of 40 new difficulties. Whenever you comprehensive 12 difficulties, you will acquire the Synthesis Crown and Synthesis Crown Attachment. Whenever you attain 24 worries, you are going to get the Synthesis Pet. At 36 obstacle finished you can expect to receive the Synthesis Wings. These microtransactions are only obtainable within this league. Now, u4n shares with you Path of Exile: Synthesis Bug Fixes. u4n as a professional Poe Currency internet site, offers secure, quickly and low cost Poe Orbs for you.

Fixed a bug which caused characters which were dual-wielding and using Smite to only use their main-hand animation if they were using a thrusting sword in their main hand. This was purely a cosmetic bug.
Fixed several bugs which could cause Immortal Syndicate Fortifications to appear in unreachable locations.
Fixed a bug which caused the Ancestral Warchief to appear as if it were only using a single hand to attack when it was, in fact, alternating hands.
Fixed a bug which prevented Tukohama, War’s Herald from dealing damage to Immortal Syndicate Fortress gates.
Fixed a bug which could cause nearby rooms in the Azurite Mine to appear to have crafting benches when they actually didn’t. Maybe you should lay off the sulphite, man.
Fixed a bug which could allow you to kill Catarina multiple times from the same encounter.
Fixed a bug with the Frozen Hollow wolf encounter in the Azurite Mine that could grant flares when it shouldn’t.
Adjusted the size of the Divine Righteous Fire effect. It appeared as though it affected a larger area than the base Righteous Fire skill, but it was purely a cosmetic difference.
Fixed a bug where the chance to avoid all damage was rolled on a per-damage-type basis, rather than for all damage types at once, resulting in weird behaviour.
Fixed a bug which caused Shattering Steel to only ever use the mainhand weapon.
Fixed a bug where you could get a message that you have failed a challenge step immediately after successfully completing it.
Fixed a bug which caused you to get two stacks of Grasping Vines on your first hit against an enemy with the Vine Snare Nemesis mod.
Fixed a bug which could cause Avarius/Innocence to become invulnerable and stuck before a minion phase.
Fixed a bug where some non-Essence monsters could be counted for the ‘Kill the Essence Monsters’ Zana missions.
Fixed a bug which would cause Zana to vanish from the Epilogue town, making it impossible to complete the All Ears achievement.
Fixed a bug where reduced curse effect could cause projectiles to not pierce monsters that were cursed with Projectile Weakness.
Fixed a bug which caused players to take fire damage from Burning Ground if they had any source of increased Aura effect on themselves, despite using the Soul of Abberath Pantheon power.
Fixed a bug where Aspects (such as Aspect of the Avian) remained active despite changing your body armour to the spell-phobic Gruthkul’s Pelt.
Fixed a bug where the Reset Audio Levels button would not affect the Chat Alerts volume.
Fixed a bug where a player could enter a party member’s Shaper’s Stronghold and complete it without the Stronghold being removed from that player’s Atlas.
Fixed some bugs related to the large map device variants in hideouts.
Fixed a bug where Jorgin would continue to generate Unholy Relics even after being defeated.
Fixed a bug where Ice Spear would revert back to its first form indefinitely after hitting an enemy if the caster was wearing the Snakepit unique ring.
Fixed several bugs where sources of specific-minion duration modifiers would affect summoned Phantasms too.
Fixed a bug which would cause your client to freeze briefly when you opened or closed the chat window.
Fixed a bug where your Spell Totems would inherit their Blade Vortex stacks from you, rather than having their own set.
Fixed a bug which caused monsters that use Discharge to fail to play their casting animation while doing so.
Fixed a bug where you could unveil the 2-handed version of the Arcane Surge on Kill veiled mod on 1-handed weapons.
Fixed a bug where dying in the Menagerie would not correctly penalise your experience or count towards your total deaths. It will now!