Forza Horizon 4’s latest automotive painting

Although the multiplayer connection function of Forza Horizon 4 is very bad, it may affect some players who like to connect online, but this does not prevent us from playing a single machine. You can use it as a stand-alone casual game.

Earlier today, AMAHH8life released a new car painting work on the forum, a total of three cars, they all look very cool.

Many players praised his skills and gave a high degree of recognition to this work. He also hoped that AMAIH8life could launch their favorite cars.

You can recommend a car you like and let AMAHH8life put it on a new skin. Of course, this work is very complicated and takes a lot of time. Personal guessing, the job of private ordering may not be free. Everyone’s time is precious, there is no reason to get it for free.

Some players want a painting of a legendary car, but that kind of car is not so easy to get, but it doesn’t matter, you can achieve your wish by looking at U4N, where the car should suit your taste.

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