MU Legend OBT Releases 3v3 PvP Battle, Guild Wars Comes

Now the highly anticipated first set of PvP features is unlocked after WEBZEN announced the release of PvP content for ARPG MU Legend, and it can make players worldwide to compete in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles. And this version release comes 1 month after the official OBT launch, so this is WEBZEN’s first update for the game.    


The cross-server functionality enables players in specific regions to challenge players from other servers in the same region. In addition to the new PvP content, this update includes technical fixes. Players can find out more in the patch notes.


Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, comments: “Today is an exciting day for MU Legend! This patch introduces the first additional content after our successful OBT release, bringing the thrill of team fights and a new PvP dimension to the game!”

Alongside the launch of the new content, WEBZEN also reveals a January update that marks MU Legend’s next important milestone on its way to official release.

Dennis Czybulka continues: “We greatly encourage our players to sharpen their skills on this new PvP system. The fact is, their PvP training will be invaluable when the next content update arrives, which includes the one and only Guild Wars feature: Resilient strength, cunning strategy and a fierce desire for victory are what count in this deadly battle. Luck will be a spectator while skills will prevail.”


During the week, the MU Legend team will jump into the arena and offer some fun PvP challenges for players. The matches will be streamed on MU Legend’s Twitch channel, which can be accessed here.


The OBT is available in English, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish, therefore, hundreds of thousands of players have already tried the global OBT. Because all characters from the OBT will stay available indefinitely, sometimes players are being reminded that this OBT will have NO WIPE. You can visit the official website, and to learn more about MU Legend.

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MU Legend Offers Plenty Of Content For You To Partake In: Free Starter Packs

In MU Legend, you can get straight into the action, right into the fun. MU Legend has a great start, MU Legend goes truly deep in its customization process. Do you want to be a true team player that can help anyone out of virtually any situation? Yeah, there are options for that to, make your character the way you want to. With a smooth release, a stable daily server environment, the opening of new servers and a record number of users, Webzen is now offering free starter packs to players, source from here.

MU Legend

There are four classes for you to choose from, each with their own unique style and flair that you can customize to your liking. There’s the Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Dark Lord. The Whisperer has an epic bow and is mostly the usual ranger slash hunter kind of class that kites and keeps a distance. The War Mage uses magic of all shapes and sizes and has a good variety of ranged and melee abilities. It is a highly mobile class that is very enjoyable to play.

MU Legend offers plenty of content for you to partake in. To enhance the arrival of new MU Legend players, Webzen has teamed up with MMO specialist websites to give free Starter-packs to players and player communities. At the same time,thousands of players are waiting to receive special titles relating to their participation in the various CBTs as well as the stress test. These marks of recognition will be given to all these pioneers of the first hour from November 14th.

When you are playing MU Legend, you will have a feel of adventuring, adventuring in a new MMO ARPG world is part of the magic of gaming, and MU Legend’s immense continent will be sure to satisfy even the most adventurous explorers. Additional territories will be revealed in future expansions, as players level up and progress through the game. To learn more about MU Legend and read more guides and tips, visit:

The Peculiarity Of MU Legend Is To Allow Players To Have Fun

The advantage of the online game is that it can be constantly updated and optimized. Hence, the developer of MU Legend will continue to improve the game to achieve the best gaming atmosphere. The peculiarity of MU Legend is to allow players to have fun and to remove stress during the game. Therefore, the developer are working hard to ensure better optimization.

MU Legend

In many modern MMORPG, there is a system of pets, however, in most games, this is nothing more than a decorate for lovers of cute animals. However, in MU Legend, on the contrary, the pet plays an important role for the character, directly influencing its characteristics and attack power. You can learn how to get pets, what kinds of animals are available in the game, how to pump your pet, more useful guides and see more at here.

The Closed Beta Test of the MMORPG MU Legend come to an end, gamers saw the skills of different classes, the process of creating a character, scary locations, all kinds of NPCs, user interface, some in-game systems and so forth. In MU Legend, you also will be able to fight with a huge number of opponents, or researcher scenic locations, do crafting and more.

Webzen continues to share information with us regarding the MMORPG MU Legend, therefore, if you are playing MMORPG MU Legend, then maybe you should think about visit here to get latest information. By the way, the Global Open Beta Test will begin in September, so you will have an opportunity to personally enjoy this game’s more content.

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There Are Character And Skill Adjustments In MU Legend

Webzen reported that in September the international version of MMORPG MU Legend will enter the Open Beta Stage. This following languages will be present in the MBT: English, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian version of Portuguese. In the near future, developers will continue to improve the translation for the above languages, what’s more, new content will be added. More news and guides in relation to MU Legend, reference to here.

MU Legend

In MU Legend, the battle is endless, but so are your options for destroying your enemies. There are lots of venues in MU Legend for you to slice and dice your way to glory. All classes in MU Legend possess powerful area-of-effect skills right from the start, making leveling a truly thrilling and satisfying experience for players of all levels.

MU Legend, as a prequel in the MU universe, gamers attempt to thwart the Lord of Darkness from plunging the world into chaos. Four classes will be available to choose from in the Beta, including the Whisperer, an energetic bow-wielder, and the War Mage, a spellcaster who also comes equipped with a rather large axe, with more coming as the game launches.

MU Legend is the successor to MU Online and combines hack-and-slay mechanics with MMO elements. Choose your class according to your style to participate in the war. Levels with the classes will be “comfortable” at the beginning, since you have a strong AOE ability that allows you to kill several enemies at the same time. In the game, there are character and skill adjustments that you can specialize in for solo or group games. Highly recommend visit U4GM to buy cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

The Developers Of MU Legend Promise To Present More Interesting Content


If we look back on the first global testing of MU Legend, the game was actively discussed by the community and received a lot of flattering reviews. Meanwhile, developers promise to present a large amount of interesting content in a short time. Webzen, the third-largest publisher and developer of online games in Korea, and is trying to create more new content for the game.

MU Legend

The company Webzen published a series of trailers, if you are eager to watch those trailer, welcome to click here. Those videos can be viewed in good quality, having seen all the details. The trailer shows locations, characters, features of PvE, including group play and fights with various bosses, and also reveals the details of the plot.

Developers are preparing their future plans for the game. On the second test, gamers can be allowed to try out the guild system, the arena of 1v1, the maze-labyrinths and the system of artifacts. In the game there are new new bosses, objects, the systems demonstrated earlier have been improved. The developers want to lower the priority of the solo game and improve the group play.

For the other changes, it is worth noting the class rebalance, the rebalance of complex dungeon passing regimes, the emergence of an automatic group search system for danmen, the design of improved wings, and more. To learn more about MU Legend, the different content and details, recommend you go to website. At the same time, U4GM promise to you that offers cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

U4GM Try To Collect As Many Different Mu Legend Guides And Articles


Speaking of the first closed beta of Mu Legend, apparently. It was a massive success, with great community engagement and the collection of precious game-related data. According to commented from Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen. It will help both existing and new gamers to enjoy the Mu Legend experience to its fullest.

Mu Legend

Now, you can imagine your future guild to the community. On the eve of the open beta testing of the new MMORPG Mu Legend, the developers give us the opportunity to present our future guild to the entire international community. To do this, go to the official website to get more latest information.

At U4GM, here we will publish the latest news from the world of Mu Legend, and also try to collect as many different guides and useful articles about the game that will help novice and experienced gamers to achieve even greater success, more useful information from U4GM.

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Mu Legend: Character Design, Armor And Colorful Wings

Generally speaking, for the graphics of Mu Legend, the overall graphics are beautifully designed, crisp and sharp, and feature the characteristics of the Mu game series, with angular character design, armor, Colorful wings and especially the dark world covered throughout the maps. Needless to say, gamers feel extremely satisfy for the graphics of Mu Legend. More fantastic graphics can be found more here.

As we know, Mu Legend is part 2 of the online role-playing game online Mu Online of Webzen. The first part of the game was released in 2003 and has made a huge impact on the international market. Mu Legend has a great influence on the whole gaming industry. A great deal of gamers love this game, with the launch of Mu Legend, this promises to be a game that gamers can not ignore in the coming time.

Mu Legend can teach, entertain and prepare, use them to educate yourself. Mu Legend is indeed a fantastic gameplay. Mu Legend can provide you with new and fun buy Mu Legend Zen experiences, regardless of what kind of game you like to play. Improve your gaming experience with these great tips and tricks.

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Mu Legend Is A Rich Gameplay That High-quality Visuals Effect

Mu Legend have beautiful 3D graphics, Mu Legend is a 3D online MMORPG-themed 3D web-based MMORPG game, Mu Legend build better graphic design, bringing a unique experience for gamers who experience both high-quality visuals and rich gameplay. It’s unsurprising that fully Mu Legend latest news & guides can be viewed at U4GM.

In Mu Legend, create the appearance of the original character is fixed, beautifully rendered with genuine equipment, wings to impress and help players aim to strive to be so splendid. Not only the beautiful character design, the scene system and each map is well done, there is diversity and details clear.

When the skill system for each profession is beautifully rendered, recreating more familiar but upgraded style is more interesting. Not only the protagonist’s skills, the game also features a unique goddess system, allowing players to worship and unlock various goddesses, providing a direct supporting role in battle.

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The World Of Mu Legend And Randomized Dungeons

Mu Legend is the much-hyped new MMORPG. The prequel of Webzen’s major title Mu Online which features powerful hack-and-slash combat, various PVP contents, and stunning graphics. Mu Legend features unparalleled gamepplay that not only caters to millions of Mu fans from the past decade, but is also easy for newcomers to pick up and enjoy.

Players can expect a huge range of different PvE and PvP options that will cater to all play styles, as well as offer content that can either be completed in a few minutes or played for hours at a time. More details about Mu Legend, welcome to go to here:

MU Legend’s world is set in about 1,000 years before the world of MU Online and the dev is trying to recreate the scenario that only appeared briefly in MU Online. Through playing MU Legend, players will able to find out with why Kundun was revived as the Lord of Darkness.

Dynamic dungeons adjust their difficulty to character levels. What’s more, MU Legend features a guild system, a quest system, skill trees, and different game modes/dungeon objectives. A majority of gamers pay more attention to buy Mu Legend Zen at U4GM.