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How Much Runescape Legends’ Guild Do You Know


Runescape Legends

To be allowed inside the Legends’ Guild you will have to have at least 108 Quest Points and you need to finish the Legends’ Quest.You need to prepare adequate runescape gold .

After obtaining 108 Quest Points you will be allowed to pass through the Gates after speaking to one of the Guards. Go in to speak with Radimus Erkle to start the Legends’ Quest. Once you have finished that quest, you will also be allowed inside the building.


The Legends’ Guild can be found north-east of East Ardougne.

To get to the Legends’ Guild you can

The different Floors
The Groundfloor holds the Totem where you can recharge your Combat Bracelets and Skill Necklaces. Note: You cannot recharge noted items;

There is also a Papyrus spawn on the table inside the guards’ house.

It is also where you need to be to start the While Guthix Sleeps quest.

First floor
On the first floor you can find Fionella who runs the Legends’ General Store. She sells Swordsfish, Apple Pies, Attack Potions (3) and Steel Arrows.
The Ladder on the west leads to Siegfried Erkle while the Ladder to the east leads to the bank.

Second floor
On the top floor, you will find a bank to the east and Siegfried Erkle to the west, who runs the Legends’ Guild Shop of Useful Items.

Finally in the basement you can train on Giant Bats (lvl 27), Pit Scorpions (lvl 28) and the Shadow Warriors (lvl 48) known for dropping the Shield Left Half.

The Shop

cape of legends
One of the items Siegfried Erkle sells is the Shield Right Half for 750,000 Gold Coins. This is also where you come to get the Cape of Legends (450 Gold Coins) and Mithril Seeds (that grow into flowers) (300 Gold Coins)

Bank & Transportation

To get to the Guild quickly, you can use the Fairy Rings code BLR (needs the A Fairytale part II: Cure a Queen quest at least half way done). If you can’t use the Fairy Rings yet, you can either go to East Ardougne, and from there walk out east. Then follow the road north. Or you could go to Camelot and from there walk south past the flaxfield.

A bank can be found upstairs on the second floor. This bank is convenient for those who wish to cut Magics in the nearby Sorcerer’s Garden to the north.



How To Play Runescape In Full Screen

Play Runescape in Full Screen DIY

get full runescape screen

In this instructable, I will show you how to play Runescape in as close as you can get full screen mode.
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What you need:

*Internet explorer 8
*An internet connection 😀
*A FREE runescape account (if you already have a members account, then just use the full screen option, duh!)
*Common Sense!

This method involves using the zoom function in internet explorer 8. This only works on Runescape, not other funorb games.

Step 1: Get the Browser

Get the Browser

If you already have Internet Explorer 8, then you can skip this step.

Download Internet Explorer HERE: www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx

Step 2: Make your way to the game

Make your way to the game

Ok, if you have played runescape before, then you should know what to do.

Or not…

2a. open your browser to www.runescape.com
2b. click on the big yellow button that says “Click Here to Play”
2c. let the game load

or you could just take the shortcut…but it’s your choice
Step 3: Internet Explorer-Side modifications

Internet Explorer-Side modifications-1

Internet Explorer-Side modifications-4Internet Explorer-Side modifications-3

Internet Explorer-Side modifications-4

Ok, this is what you’ve all been waiting for! Fullscreen for free users!

First, Switch your shiny new browser to full screen mode by clicking Tools>Full Screen, or just press F11…

Next, go to the little magnifying glass down at the right hand corner of your screen, click the arrow, then custom zoom. Set it to 140 and hit enter and close the zoomo box windo.

Finally, scroll almost all the way down using the scroll bar (see picture)

Step 4: Runescape Side Modifications

Runescape Side Modifications

Ok, the Final Step!

Open the options Tab by clicking on the Hammer & wrench icon.

Under Display Mode, select one that works on your computer and internet connection. I use Standard.

Under Screen Sizing, select RESIZABLE. This resizes runescape with the browser, which is why this workaround works.

Under Advanced, pick what you want detail wise. Do the same with Volume and Animated Backrounds.

Close it and wahoo! Full Screen for Free Users!
Step 5: All Done

All Done

And there you have it! Be sure to rate and comment! I have a video summery uploading to my server, maybe it’ll be ready by this afternoon. Enjoy!

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Prayer is a skill that allows you to devote yourself to the Gods in Runescape

Prayer is a skill that allows you to devote yourself to the Gods, and in return you gain aid from them whilst in combat. To train Prayer, you must offer bones to the Gods, either by burial or other methods discussed later in this guide. When you activate your Prayer(s) or buy prayer via spend some Runescape Gold,they will slowly drain your Prayer points (Which can be found in the top right corner of your screen next to your mini map and will be indicated by a small Prayer icon.) until it has reached 0. At this point you must recharge your Prayer with a potion or by praying at an altar. Prayer is very useful for combat, with several bosses that heavily rely on protection prayers. With prayers active, it allows you to kill these bosses faster and lessen your chance of death.

prayer guide

Prayer can give you a huge advantage when facing even the meanest of enemies during combat. It can come in handy if you need an extra burst of strength, a moment of being invincible to magic, or even a faster healing time! Since there are so many things it can help with, Prayer is a skill worth getting better at, even though it can be quite tedious at times.

prayer example

The Prayer menu can be found in the Prayer tab under Powers. The Prayer will be blacked out if you can not use it. It will be in its normal colour if you can use it but has not been activated. When a Prayer is active, it will have a golden outline around the icon, or the prayer icon will appear over your characters head.When you pray to the Gods of RuneScape, they will help you by making you instantly stronger, or un-affected by a foes’ attack, depending on the prayer that you use. To use more prayers and to make them last longer, you should bury bones which are dropped by many monsters throughout RuneScape.

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Vorago does his regular melee attack, red bomb and magic bomb to the farthest player.

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Renatus only attacks with range which always deals a small amount of bleed damage (50-250) to everyone in the arena that cannot be avoided. Vorago does his regular melee attack, red bomb and magic bomb to the farthest player.


Phase One

Phase 1 is similar to when fighting Vorago on his own. Renatus will spawn in the north-west corner of the arena, and Vorago will spawn in the south-east. Adventurers must lure the two beasts so they have their backs to the jumper’s spot. Vorago must be lured north-west where a jumper must jump on him to release a maul piece. Similarly, Renatus must be lured south-east where his back must be facing the jumper and the jumper must deal 30,000 damage on their own while Renatus’s back is facing them. If Renatus moves, the jumper must deal another 30,000 damage in order to cool down Renatus’s back so it is safe enough to jump and release a maul piece.


Phase Two

Phase two is similar to the second phase when fighting Vorago on his own. Both Renatus and Vorago spawn in their corners. Vorago uses his regular 5 smashes, but Renatus does a devistating lava stomp where the targeted player gets hit with 500-1000 bleed damage and everyone around them receives 300 bleed damage. All players affected by the lava stomp are bound for 5 seconds that is unavoidable. Renatus does this to his targeted player 5 times.


The above combat is repeated again (from the stomp/smashes) and the phase ends with Renatus and Vorago again charging in order to break the ground to the next phase. Phase 3 starts and the real test begins!


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