We are doing several things to add more OMG moments to combat

Making Combat More Fun We are doing several things to add more OMG moments to combat. The new ultimate abilities are – frankly – awesome, and everyone in the office is amazed by what the graphics team have achieved. It’s been a pleasure to see these ideas come to life: huge tidal waves cascading from […]

Og Blog: Skill, Variety and Fun

In my last Og Blog, I promised I’d explain a little more about the challenges we set ourselves during the Evolution of Combat development. In this blog I’ll be talking about the first 3 of those challenges: making combat about skill, encouraging variety in equipment, and making it fun. In my mind, the best combat […]

The Clan Cup 2012

This summer, the Clan Cup returns for the fourth time! With Combat, Skilling and Combined sections, it’s time to find out, once again, who is destined to be RuneScape’s number one clan. The Clan Cup has a very proud tradition. Many clans have tried to claim the coveted prize of being number one in their […]

Combat Beta Sign-Ups Closed

After nearly three weeks of sign-ups, with applications pouring in from all over the world, registration for the Evolution of Combat beta has now closed! We were overwhelmed by the amount of interest in the beta, and want to extend huge thanks to everyone who applied. So – what happens now? Every applicant who has […]

Allow players’ combat levels to truly represent their ability

Fix the Defence and life points It’s really difficult to create a balanced experience for players if they use items intended for players far higher in level than they are. While we can control this quite nicely with wielding requirements, it’s much more difficult with things like food. After all, there’s nothing stopping a low-level […]

Hunting the Hunter XP!

  Welcome to this week’s Community Round Up, serving you hearty portions of only the tastiest community events for the coming week! Direct your eyes below: Hunting the Hunter XP! Have you tried out our new Hunter Distraction and Diversion? This weekend we’ve got the best reason to get stuck in: we’re holding a Hunter […]

Sizzling Summer – Promissory Notes Delivered Today!

Today is the day! If you’ve been a part of Sizzling Summer and been a member for every day of August, today you will receive a promissory note from us, directly into your inventory. If you don’t have the space, please clear a slot in your inventory and log back in to receive the note. […]

Behind the Scenes: September

  God Wars: Remastered (members only) We start the month with an almighty high-level bang, as we introduce a complete rework to one of the most exciting and busy areas of the game: the God Wars Dungeon. To start with, we will completely overhaul all of the visual elements of the dungeon. The environment itself […]

God Wars: Remastered

    The war that tore Gielinor asunder 2000 years ago still rages beneath the frigid northern wastes, and it’s never been more brutally stunning to look at, or more rewarding! The first thing that hardened God Wars veterans among you will notice is the graphical overhaul. Almost every NPC in the dungeon has been […]

RuneScape YouTube Live Stream Sessions

    Thursday is Community Round-Up day and so – by a simple process of logical deduction – that must mean its Community Round-Up time again! You know, it being Thursday. It’s just science. Anyway, we have news on the latest events, YouTube videos, competitions and community projects, so dig in, kick back, and enjoy! […]