look out for the new TzHaar quest – The Brink of Extinction

The Evolution of Combat is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds. The new system will allow us to make some truly awe-inspiring combat content in the future: look out for the new TzHaar quest – The Brink of Extinction; the Kalphite King; Wilderness Warbands and more, as described […]

Evolution of Combat: Now Live!

After 6 months of beta testing and floods of feedback from you, the Evolution of Combat is now live. We couldn’t have done it without your help, and every one of you who has logged into the beta, tried out the new combat system and offered us your feedback has our deepest, most heartfelt thanks. […]

You forgot that one of the details according to Honor Systems

You forgot that one of the details according to Honor Systems. That it was mainly created to make the Competition and Player Samurai’ish Style of a Match to be more positive and so they can be remembered and seen as what, and how they work. They are basically building themselves a Title. Such as Honorable […]

Which lane do I go to?

When it comes to deciding if you should honor an enemy teammate, it requires a great amount of scrutiny because you don’t know how they are acting in their team’s chat or how they are responding to their teammate’s needs throughout the game. I will only give out honor to enemies who react positively in […]

It will be cheap runescape gold as you buy

What drives you to give out honor points to other players? For me, it seems easier to award teammates due to the fact that I have more interaction with them throughout the game. This includes how they act in both chat and during important moments of gameplay. Furthermore it is easier to keep track of […]

Summoner Survey Says: Honor Points System

Summoners, how has the new honor system impacted your League of Legends experience, if at all? Has it helped you or others you know become a better person on the Fields of Justice? To what extent has it changed your interactions with other players during a match? These are the first few questions that come […]

Do enjoy good crafting systems in MMO’s

You get your first mount around level 19-20 from completing a specific main quest, it was fairly simple but one of the longest quests you would have done up to then as it involved killing some mobs in order to obtain 50 items (or it may have been just kill 50 mobs), after you had completed it […]

Dragon Knight online: Is this worth your time?

So since I haven’t really seen any proper detailed review or thoughts on the game that can give people a good idea of what the game basically is, I thought I would do just that to give those people an idea if your still pondering on “is this even worth trying?”. Character Customization: The customization is really basic […]

Hack N Slash MMORPG Devilian Online Debut

Ginno Games and NHN Hangame Korea just launched their new website for their upcoming new Hack N Slash Diablo style like MORPG called Devilian Online. With their recent website and game debut, they have also started recruiting for their first closed beta. It gets better than that because they also released a series of gameplay […]

Absolute Force Online Announced Open Beta Date

Net Dragon has announced the open beta for the highly anticipated MMOFPS, Absolute Force Online will begin on December 19th at 5pm PST. Absolute Force Online has eight different realistic and intense game play modes available that will keep a players adrenaline pumping. Whether you are looking for the traditional game play modes like Bomb […]