Guild Wars 2 Details Halloween Event

The event, which is Halloween-themed and due to go live from October 22 and will last for a week, bringing a range of new items, dungeons and acts to the game for a limited time.It’s been over 250 years since Mad King Thorn was last seen, but despite this, rumours persist among the populace that […]

A World-Changing Event in Guild Wars 2

The next major event in ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2, called The Lost Shores, will begin at noon PST on November 16. According to a post on the official Guild Wars 2 site, at that time something will happen in the hub city of Lion’s Arch that will spread into other parts of Tyria. Events will […]

T3Fun Will Soon Take Control of Sword 2 After GamersFirst

GamersFirst announced that this month would be the last time for them to be the publisher and host of Sword 2. They will be out of the Sword 2 business at the end of this year.However, Fans of the game do not need to fret that they’re about to lose their world, because HanbitSoft’s subsidiary T3Fun […]

Guild Wars 2’s New Random Dungeon

In the upcoming Lost Shores update for Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet will add a lot of new content, including an all-new dungeon type. Called Fractals of the Mist, the dungeon is built to be replayed over and over again. It’s comprised of nine mini-dungeons, called fractals, though for each run through you’ll only need to […]

Vanguard Updates For the Holiday

If I picked up XP boosters for Vanguard from the Station Marketplace recently, I would save them, and I hope you would save them, as well, because Vanguard’s new patch makes a few tweaks to several Marketplace items. The duration of the 25%, 50%, and 100% Bonus XP potions has been increased to 8 hours. Adventurer’s […]

Season Seven Lands in Star Trek Online

Cryptic studio’s Star Trek online has had a fairly turbulent life. Originally published back in March, 2010 the game struggled financially and in January 2012, updated its servers to include a free-to-play option. Previously, the game implemented the traditional point-and-click method of combat, but with the season four update “cross-fire”, the game introduced a new […]

Download Star Trek San Francisco Convention Attendees

Criterion Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention is coming soon. From Friday, November 16, through Sunday, November 18, Star Trek fans of all ages are welcome to celebrate and enjoy an array of events, contests, panels, and presentations. Special guests include George Takei, Walter Koenig, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, and many more. […]

Let Battle Commence: Runescape Unleashes Evolution Of Combat Beta

Jagex, makers of the world’s most popular free-to-play MMORPG – RuneScape, today announced the opening of their highly anticipated Combat Beta, Evolution of Combat. An elite band of 50,000 testers have been carefully selected from the hundreds of thousands of players who applied for access to the Beta, and have been granted the unique opportunity […]

RuneScape Players Don Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

RuneScape literally turned pink yesterday with thousands of players donning pink clothing, hairstyles and even pink armour as they marched through Gielinor, RuneScape’s fantasy world. The march was a community led initiative and was organised by RuneScape members who gathered together and joined forces to mark the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual […]

Ghost Recon Online: The Fact That It Is A Difficult Game

Over the course of the Closed Beta, and Open Beta season I have seen players quit Ghost Recon Online because they claim it was too difficult. With the cover system being the main feature of the game, along with special abilities for the three different class it is no wonder why players claim that it […]