Longshot Is Madden NFL 18’s Calling Card: The Mode Is Enough Fantastic


Madden NFL 18 places its bets on a tried-and-true tale more than changes to gameplay or new layers in the career suite, and Longshot may not impress more worldly people. Longshot is Madden NFL 18’s calling card, but the game drives your attention to ultimate team, late in the story, Colt makes a dry mention of Tim Tebow. Madden 18 is missing a host of fixes, wishlist staples, and improvements, but it doesn’t have to appease to have worth.

Madden 18

Longshot leans hard on all the archetypes of sports mythology, from beat-up pickup trucks and earnest sidekicks to high school coaches and Hall of Fame cameos. But in its heart is a hero both supremely abled and uncertain of himself. And only Madden NFL, which for 30 years has done more than any other work of sports media to make the jargon-laced concepts of American football concrete and understandable, could make that conflict authentic for the user. It is worth saying that U4GM is a good website, and click for source.

MUT Squads’ quarterback AI will now throw to a receiver where he actually is, theoretically opening up multiplayer to all kinds of wacky, improvised receiving routes. That’s a nifty sell, but it didn’t have much practical application working with total strangers. Unless a user-controlled QB and receiver know what the other is doing, it’s best to run the play as it’s designed – and the user-controlled receiver should make their move a step or two earlier just to be on the safe side.

The story mode is enough fantastic, Madden NFL 18 is developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA Sports. This is one of those years where the franchise takes a huge turn and it pays off. The tightest and crispest Madden to date, it looks and performs stunningly. Madden NFL 18’s career suite is the least changed since its connected Franchise Mode was introduced five years ago. By visiting U4GM, you can be at ease completely, and buying madden 18 coins that you are looking for.

This Year’s Madden 18 Really Does Have Standout Improvements On Gameplay

Madden 18 in this year really have standout improvements on the whole. In Madden 18, the feature is optional, but it could change the way the passing game is used in Madden moving forward. U4GM is now offering more coupons and promotions, this is a good news for many players whose are about to buy madden mobile coins and madden 18 coins.

Madden 18

Madden 18 update 1.06 is now available for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, do you expecting to know the Madden 18 update 1.06 patch notes? On gameplay, let’s view the Madden 18 update 1.06 patch notes below:

Addressed issue resulting in incorrect field position after a touchback occurs on a missed field goal
Addressed issues resulting in catches being knocked out by minimal defensive contact
Tuned to address inability to move outside linebacker when showing blitz in the dollar formation
Tuned to increase pass accuracy when throwing in a clean pocket with feet set in competitive game style
Tuned to increase frequency of holding penalties when the aggressive blocking coaching adjustment is active
Tuned to increase frequency of offsides penalties when the aggressive pass rush coaching adjustment is active
Tuned to decrease defensive penalty for using the pass commit adjustment vs running plays in all game styles
Tuned to decrease pass accuracy when throwing across the QB’s body at drastic angles and making back-foot throws
Addressed issues around users losing control for a short time during the camera flip on turnovers
Addressed online grieving exploits around spamming the fake snap mechanic to stop the clock and defenders intentionally encroaching to keep the clock running
Addressed issue where kick return player would get stuck in a strafe assignment after colliding with a teammate
Added logic for conservative ball carrier coaching adjustment – now there’s a very low chance for defender fakeouts when this adjustment is active
Added a controller-rumble prompt in MUT squads to notify user-controlled receivers when the ball is snapped
Tuned to ensure plays populate in the run/pass counter filter of the play call menu
Added skills trainer gauntlet stability improvements

On Franchise, Xbox One X and Visual, more details about the Madden 18 update 1.06 patch, for more details you can check the official patch page at U4GM, reference from here.

Madden 18: Wade’s Story Is A New And Bold Direction For The Franchise


Speaking of Madden 18, which for 30 years has done more than any other work of sports media to make the jargon-laced concepts of American football concrete and understandable, could make that conflict authentic for the user. This year, Madden NFL 18 have highly acclaimed by players around the world. In a word, the game is worth playing.

Madden NFL 18

The game brought all notable improvements, especially for the new features in Madden 18 such as the highly anticipated Longshot story mode have fans grinding through the march to release date unlike any of the past few years. Madden 18 fans have clamored for a story mode like this for a long time after seeing the extensive stories 2K Sports puts into its NBA 2K series each year or the offerings put forth in MLB The Show’s Road to the Show.

In this mode, Wade’s story is a new, bold direction for the franchise – and for fans who’ve waited this long, it might signal the beginning of something special on a yearly basis. Devin Wade will become a playable item in MUT. Depending on your version of Devin’s story plays out there are different versions of him that you can unlock. For full details, are you about to buy madden 18 coins? Highly recommend you to visit U4GM.

The Madden series will be improved in the near future, and this should make the end of games more authentic. We have also focused on more contextual awareness for end-of-game moments, for better recognition of blowouts vs tight games. Longshot is the new story mode, and target passing and co-op play are being introduced in the form of MUT Squads. Related news and updates, you are encouraged to go here: https://www.u4gm.com/madden-nfl-18.

Madden 18: Ball Hawk, Death Of The Swerve, Dropped Pass, Hit Stick

Although Madden 18 have been launched for a while, this game’s major changes are often discussed by fans, today, we meet your any needs based on your real ideas, please follow me to know more this game’s details, this following are some of the confirmed changes coming to Madden 18, unsurprisingly, it’s just encouraging to see that cheap madden 18 coins for sale.

Madden 18

Ball Hawk
While Ball Hawk will still be a feature in Madden, it will no longer be OP. You will no longer be able to simply just hold Y/Triangle to set up an interception.

Death Of The Swerve
No one likes this awful glitch that made it’s way onto Madden. The developers tried so hard to patch it but could never really find a solution.

Dropped Pass
This was one of the worst problems in Madden. Your slot receiver, wide open. The ball hits him in the hands and he drops it. That just could ruin my whole day if that game was on the line. Apparently, it will not happened in Madden 18.

Hit Stick
This is one that users might actually have trouble with making adjustments. This year you will actually have to use the sticks. It has been reported that different angles on the hit stick will cause different actions.

Overall, Madden 18 is the greatest video game, it’s always exciting for players to get video games and check out player ratings, source from here. New Play Styles, the all new Longshot story mode, and new ways to team up and play online in MUT Squads, plus stunning visuals powered by the Frostbite engine make this Madden like you’ve never seen before.

Madden 18 Is One Of Most Important Sports In US

Maddden NFL 18 is Electronic Arts’s newest installment of American football, one of the most important sports in the United States. The popular Madden football franchise arrives in its 2018 edition using the Frostbite graphics engine, so we can expect graphics in greater detail and lighting. In addition they have incorporated new styles of game, modes and functionalities that will make of this delivery something that you have never seen.


All game modes are available so you can enjoy the complete video game. Among the different modes, we can highlight Madden Ultimate Team, Longshot and Franchise.

In the Ultimate Team you will have the possibility to create a real team getting letters from current players and legend. Fans of competitive team action may look forward to the MUT Squad. The flexible squads allow players to combine the best line-ups from the current NFL stars and legends in Madden’s Ultimate Team Online Mode, to take individual roles in the field, and engage with other players for thrilling 3-vs-3- Matches. New game mechanics and additional control options ensure a more intense player experience, which guarantees fun on all positions.

The Longshot is a story mode that would come to be equivalent to The Journey in FIFA or The One in NBA LIVE. As seen in FIFA 17, Madden 18 comes up with a cinematic story mode, called Longshot, that makes the tone of your career much more personal. Thanks to the power of Frostbite, the visuals allow for incredible quality. And the Franchise mode allows you to play in three different ways, as a player, as a manager or as an NFL franchise. In addition to other modes like the Skill Trainer that will help train and practice the mechanics of this sport to the newest.

Other features include the new Play Now Live feature. Thanks to Play Now Live, players will be able to play not only the best NFL matchups of the current season, but also receive the current roster for their career in franchise mode. Madden NFL 18 also includes three new game styles, allowing players to create their Madden experience according to their own imagination. You can choose between Arcade, Simulation and Competitive.

Madden NFL 18 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. By the way, gamers can buy madden 18 coins online to make a finely personalized Madden team.

Electronic Arts Madden NFL 18 Test

Every year millions of fans are excited about the start of the new football season in America. At the beginning of September it is time again, the NFL starts in a new series and more and more German fans can get used to the Pillenhatz. Who wants to play off the late broadcasting times on television football, it can now make itself comfortable again in front of the domestic console. With Madden NFL 18, Electronic Arts is launching into the new generation of sports games. But the changes compared to the 2017 version are noticeable, a new purchase is worthwhile for owners of older versions. We hunted with the Green Bay Packers into the turmoil.


At the beginning the high beginners’ friendliness is immediately apparent. Fundamentally, the mechanisms of sport are well explained to newcomers and despite the full English language and text editions, one finds quickly in the tidy menus.

In addition to the well-known modes: Career, Quickplay and Ultimate Team now, as already known from the Fifa-offspring 2017, a story mode to choose from. Here the player, in a visually impressive graphic environment, accompanies the College star Devin Wade on his way to the Superball. In addition to detailed play tips, the player is also given an extensive insight behind the scenes of the million-strong sport with all the associated ups and downs. Every playful decision and every result directly affects the development of our exceptional talent. The mode titled “Longshot” is quite short, but knows how to inspire and makes you want to continue in the coming year. Thus an absolute enrichment for the Madden series.

Gameplay itself has changed little. Veterans are quickly steered by the hand, only on the difficulty level something was filed. So it has now become more difficult to place long passports with the other player and also the space-grabbing running moves are now braked rather by the opposing defense. We find good, as successes like a touchdown or only the saving fieldgoal have to be worked out “harder” and the selection of the moves is more the focus of our own considerations.

Graphically Electronic Arts on the basis of the Frostbite Engine still has a little thrust on it, the stadiums seem even more lively and the facial features of the players and carers at the edge already almost frighteningly realistic.

Madden NFL 18 has once again succeeded. The new story mode significantly enhances the footballsimulation. Through a detailed tutorial is also the perfect time for newcomers to plunge into the world of American football. There is the point deduction, because technically and playfully nothing has improved significantly. Innovations are taken over from FIFA and the gameplay has now also a few years on the hump. Nevertheless, EA’s sports game starter 2017 remains an absolutely worth seeing and time-consuming living room variant of the sport of American Football. Madden 18 Coins PS4/ Xbox One in store now, you guys can click www.madden-store.com for it.